Emergency service

In the event of an emergency during normal working hours (weekdays 8am – 7pm and Saturday 8.30am – 3pm) please call your normal clinic, the staff will advise on the best cause of action for your pet. If you call the surgery outside of these hours you will be provided with details of how to contact our emergency care provider – Vets Now.

In the event of an emergency out of normal hours please call Vets Now on 01227 470033.

Advice on this number is free – if they need to see your pet a fee is payable at the time of treatment.

Practice address

Vets Now Emergency Ltd
34 New Dover Road

Telephone: 01227 470033
Website: www.vets-now.com

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 6pm – 8.30am
Weekends: Saturday 12pm to Monday 8.30am
Plus Bank Holidays

What is Vets Now?

Vets Now is a bit like an A&E for your pet. At Maison Dieu we understand that your pets are your cherished companions and just like us, they can become ill or have an accident at night, over the weekend or during a public holidays – when our surgery is closed.

That’s where Vets Now come in, we partner with them to provide you with an expert emergency service during our well-earned time off; which we need to enable us to recharge and give you our best; after all are you your best if woken in the middle of the night after a long day at work?

The Vets Now team sleep during the day and take time off when other vets are working and available to see you – so you can rest assured that they are alert and effective at their job, even if it’s four in the morning or on Christmas day. They are a team of fully qualified and experienced vets and nurses, just like our team, and because they specialise in urgent critical care, they’re particularly skilled at dealing with accidents and emergencies. Just like all vets, they love animals and understand the special bond between people and their pets – so you can expect a caring, understanding approach at all times.

What do Vets Now do?

They will provide you with free advice over the phone – asking about your pet’s symptoms (and your worries) and advise if you can safely wait to consult us when we open again at 8am on weekdays and Saturdays.

If your pet does need emergency care, they normally ask you to take them to their clinic (located on New Dover Road, Canterbury – in fact they use our sister practice Barton Veterinary Hospital) where they have the personnel, equipment and medicine to provide immediate treatment.

They will do house visits, but it can take a bit of time to organise and it is often best for your pet if you can take them to Canterbury, so they have the best facilities and medication available immediately.

Like us Vets Now need to ask for payment for your pet’s consultation and treatment at the time to allow them to have the best facilities and staff to help you in an emergency. If you have pet insurance, all or some of the cost may be reimbursed by your policy – but cover varies considerably so you should check what is covered and what excesses apply with your insurer. If you have any concerns regarding the out of hours (OOH) service provided please don’t hesitate to call us we are more than happy to discuss the options with you.

Most importantly remember that if the worst does happen during the night or at a weekend Vets Now will provide telephone advice completely free of charge, so there is always someone at the end of the phone to discuss any concerns with you.