Dog grooming

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Our aim is to make your dog’s grooming experience a happy one. Health and safety of your animal is of paramount importance to us. We ensure you that your dog is in good hands with any one of our professional groomers, and that your pet will feel comfortable in our friendly and relaxed dog grooming salon in Deal.

Our pet groomers are Donna Endean, Bronwen Barrie and Charlie Whalan.

As animal lovers we are focused on animal welfare. Your pet is our priority and with just a single groomer working your pet is the only one being cared for at any given time allowing us to give your pet all the time and care it needs.*

  • All breeds and sizes welcome.
  • Clipping and scissoring.
  • Hand stripping.
  • Hand dried.
  • Pedicure.
  • Flea treatment and gland expression on request.

A full groom

The ultimate beautification treatment for your pet includes:

  • Pre-wash brush – this helps remove stubborn in ground dirt prior to clipping and helps your dog to become comfortable with the groomer warm water.
  • Shampoo and rinse – to clean your dog’s coat and skin; We use and recommend the correct products for your dog including all kinds of shampoos to make sure they come out shiny, clean and smelling great. – we also can advise and supply a range of pet deodorants to
  • Eyes and ears – as one of the most sensitive areas we gently clean and care for them with the proper attention and delicate products.
  • Towel dry – to remove the bulk of the water from your pet’s coat.
  • Full body blow dry – after the towel dry we remove any excess water left from your dog’s body and ensure they are fully dry (all without the use of a drying cage).
  • Secondary brush – this removes any excess hair still remaining after the previous brushing.
  • Fur trimmed – as per your request.
  • Nails trimmed –protecting against furniture damage and damage to the pets pads should they become long.
  • A treat – after all the washing procedures, to complete the experience and reward your dog for a job well done.

* Other dogs may be on site for grooming caged in the same room.