Nurse clinics

As a practice we believe that the best care can come from an excellent relationship between our clients and our team of nurses therefore we provide a range of nurse appointments daily many of which are free or at minimal charges, our nurse clinics include the following:

  • Second vaccinations.
  • Weight clinics.
  • Dressing changes.
  • Nail clips.
  • Wound checks.
  • Post-dental check-ups.
  • Post-operative check-ups.
  • Emptying anal glands.
  • Microchipping implantation.
  • Stitch removal.
  • Puppy and kitten worming/flea clinics.
  • Senior clinics.
  • Diabetic clinics.
  • Puppy parties.
  • Behaviour advice (with Emma).
  • Exotic pet care (with Emma).

You may find that on examination by the vet you are referred to our fantastic nursing team for things like help with a pets weight or for a nail clip if the vet thinks this is the right course of action for your pet. Our nurses are always happy to assist in any way possible so please feel free to ask for any help you may need in looking after your pet.

During your nurse appointment you will have time to discuss your pet’s health, diet and exercise, weight and for any questions or advice you may need our nurses are happy to help with any question so please don’t think something is too small for them to assist you they love animals and are happy to serve.